Food Adulteration Paragraph For SSC and HSC Exam 2024

Dear students, today I am going to present to you the Food Adulteration Paragraph in Bangladesh. So, food is the source of human energy. Food produces the most energy in the human body. Currently, the addition of adulterants or chemical additives to food is changing the actual quality of pure food. So, the aspect of “Food Adulteration” is also being highlighted in the provision of education in Bangladesh.

Therefore, the Passage “Food Adulteration” is noticed in the question paper of the SSC and HSC examination from the Bangladesh Education Board. Hence, every SSC and HSC student needs to study the Passage “Food Adulteration”. So, here I will provide a food adulteration paragraph for the SSC and HSC exam 2024.

Write a paragraph on food adulteration by answering the following questions.

  1. Why is food adulterated?
  2. Where is food adulterated?
  3. Who is responsible for that?
  4. What steps have been taken by the govt? to prevent food adulteration?

Food Adulteration Paragraph

Currently, the Food Adulteration is an important aspect of Bangladesh. So, nowadays traders are trying to preserve food products by mixing chemicals in every food. As a result, the quality of the food products is decreasing due to the mixing of chemicals. Then the people who are taking the food, are suffering from various diseases.

Chicken, fruits, spices, and even daily bakery food products are becoming harmful to people due to the mixture of chemicals. So due to the inhumanity of unscrupulous and unethical traders, the food products are losing their quality and going out of control.

The addition of chemicals makes their products more shelf-stable. As a result, a perishable product can be stored longer than its shelf life. But due to this, the quality of food products is decreasing and they are causing diseases to common people. For example, the national fruit of Bangladesh, jackfruit, is a perishable food.

Food Adulteration Paragraph In 200 Words

So every year the jackfruit fruit is produced during summer and the fruit produced can spoil in a very short time. For that, traders store seasonal fruits like jackfruit in a formalin mixture for a long time. Then traders can easily sell the fruits to customers as fresh. So, traders can sell the fruits before they are rotten and avoid losses. But it has become dangerous for common people.

Also, various seasonal fruits are injected with harmful chemical carbides to make them look ripe and attractive to buyers. Which is one of the most harmful chemicals for the human body. Then water mixed with sugar or dyes is injected into the fruit to enhance the flavor of the fruit. However, due to the regular consumption of these fruits, diseases are occurring in different parts of the human body.

Food Adulteration Paragraph In 300 Words

We all know that cow’s or goat’s milk is one of the most balanced foods for the human body. So, nowadays marketers add water to the milk to increase its volume. As a result, the quality of cow’s milk is decreasing. Which is not able to produce enough nutrients in the human body. However, the traders are mixing water in it to increase the quantity of milk for their profit.

Next, if we look at meat-based food items, adulteration is also being added to them. For example, feed is shot in poultry farms. Which makes the poultry gain weight very fast and grow very fast. As a result, the business sends the poultry to the market as salable within a short period. But the quality of poultry is deteriorating due to feeding harmful substances, which can cause physical harm to humans. But even when such heinous activities are out of control, there is not enough enforcement of regulations. Food safety authorities are provided by the government but their activities are not fully implemented across the country.

As a result, it is very difficult to identify food additives across the country. Harmful chemicals such as formalin, chlordane, and aldrin are being mixed in food. Even in the world’s largest food manufacturing factories, various types of chemical mixtures can be observed. So, consumers are repeatedly moving to the mobile court for punishment after identifying the sellers of chemically contaminated food. But no strict program is being observed for the search.

Food Adulteration Paragraph In 150 Words

Then, many vendors are selling food without any harmful additives. But consumers are being charged more for the product. So a middle-class income country like Bangladesh will never be able to buy and eat products at higher prices. In short, consumers will not agree to pay extra. So common people are taking food mixed with chemicals with less money. As a result, consuming harmful chemicals may not have any immediate effect, but can gradually cause physical damage. So among the physical damages, symptoms of diseases such as cancer, lung disease, kidney damage, etc. can be seen.

Many lower-class people among us are mostly unaware of food adulteration. Therefore, even if they are aware of the adulteration of food, they will not agree to purchase high-quality purity. As a result, it is from this place that selfish traders are getting their extra profits.

Food Adulteration Paragraph SSC Exam 2024

Food is essential for human survival. So, Food is one of the most important for a person’s good health and living. However, human-acceptable foods must be wholesome, clean, and fresh. But if this food is adulterated! However, this food can cause disease in the human body. Nowadays we see this adulteration in every food. So, many people go to eat in hotels and restaurants. However, unbeknownst to people, hotels and restaurants serve customers mixed with rotten food and fresh food. So the hotel looks like fish and vegetables are covered with toxic chemicals.

Serving them in front of the customers, the customers undoubtedly eat them effortlessly. Again, every person buys bakery and confectionery products as per their needs. So all these bakery and confectionary products are prepared by mixing toxic substances for long shelf life. In this way, every food in Bangladesh is being adulterated with some or other chemical substances. Traders are adulterating even milk, fruits, and water products with chemicals.

Food Adulteration Paragraph In 250 Words

Unscrupulous or greedy traders are adulterating all kinds of food products to make more profit. Every person knows that adulteration is very harmful to health. Adulterated food products mixed with chemicals can make a person seriously ill and even cause death. Despite knowing that, greedy businessmen are harming the common people by mixing chemicals with food products just for the sake of little profit.

Currently, food adulteration has become a pressing problem in Bangladesh. Dealing with adulterated food is a punishable offense according to the laws of Bangladesh. Still, traders are adulterating their food products. So the Bangladesh administration should identify the criminals and give appropriate punishment. Public awareness should be created so that consumers are cautious about purchasing food products.

Greedy food traders should be seen as a crime in the society. So the concerned departments of the Bangladesh government should always be aware of food adulteration. Strict punishment should be applied against all these adulterated food vendors. Punishment should be sanctioned by the government in the case of unscrupulous businessmen of every country and proper measures should be taken to save the people from dire calamities.

Food Adulteration Paragraph SSC 2024 PDF

Food Adulteration Paragraph SSC 2024 PDF

Food Adulteration Paragraph HSC 2024

Healthy Food is the first level of basic human needs. So by taking food people can store heat and energy in their bodies. Every animal needs food to survive on earth. But if the food we consume is adulterated, we may face various problems. Currently, sellers are making food poisonous by mixing chemicals in the food. So by consuming these poisonous foods, we can get food poisoning. So the process of making food by adding adulterants to the food is leading to toxic and quality loss of food.

Then we are suffering from various diseases by consuming those foods, such as Diarrhea, cancer, food poisoning, lung problems with kidney stones, etc. can cause diseases. Greedy traders are adding chemicals or chemicals to food to make it attractive. This processing is reducing the purity and quality of the food. As a result, we get sick very quickly after eating these foods. All these adulterated food products are slowly destroying the immune system of our human body.

Food Adulteration Paragraph In 100 Words

So victims need to be aware. The administration should take action against greedy traders. Again the said businessmen are selling goods in the market in the form of sadhu businessmen avoiding the eyes of the administration. We should be aware of this and pay attention to all these traders. Their activities should be brought before the administration and punishment should be sanctioned for them. This aspect of making money by harming common people is very harmful. However, all these businessmen continue their business with their heads held high in the society. Foodstuffs are essential commodities for humans. Therefore, traders who adulterate food products should be severely punished and the general public should refrain from consuming adulterated food products.

Food Adulteration Paragraph HSC 2024 PDF

Food Adulteration Paragraph HSC 2024 PDF


Every human being is exposed to adulterated food, especially in children. Take awareness, and identify adulterated food vendors. We should all come together and take action against unscrupulous adulterated food traders. Bangladesh government has already issued strict penalties for adulterated food vendors which will be enforced from mobile courts. So Bangladesh government should take more steps to stop adulterated food products. Also, we have to be aware and we have to give adequate support to the initiative of the Bangladesh government.

So dear students this was the main topic of the food adulteration paragraph. Here is the essay on food adulteration for SSC and HSC exams. You can collect one according to your needs.

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